Are you feeling discouraged or stuck in a rut?

Is negative thinking clogging you up?

Wishing for a solution, a change to lift you up?

How would it feel to be balance in your mind and body, aligned to your passion and purpose?

The solution is to clear the emotional blocks, negative thinking and limiting beliefs that have been holding back the joys of life.

Every thought and feeling you have effect your surrounding environment and the very cells in your body.

Experience powerful cutting edge techniques to get free of emotional, physical and mental issues in the way of health happiness and success.


"Carolyn is one of my favorite people in life! She is magical, heart-based, and a much loved friend."

– Lelehnia, CA


• 6-8 sixty minute sessions
• 1-2 classes of your choice
• Rejuvenation Retreat
• Unlimited Immune boost –call anytime feeling unwell 

Rejuvenation Retreat (Sacramento Area)
• Inspirational speakers
• Labyrinth meditation walk
• Guided Meditations
• Aroma-therapy
• Visual journaling
• Poetry Therapy
• Foot Massage


Classes to choose
• Tuning into Intuition and Spiritual Gifts
o Tune into your soul wisdom for guidance and solutions

• Magical Marvelous Miracles
o Raise your vibration and become a magnet for abundance

• Angel Therapy
o How to use divine helpers to improve and enjoy life more

• Aroma-Therapy
o How to use essential oils to benefit physical and emotional health

• Poetry Therapy
o Writing from the heart to help release emotional wounds and create a framed masterpiece.

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